About Us

Independent Financial Planning Practice

With 15 years experience in a family office, Lize Webb decided to branch off and start her own Independent Financial planning practice. With personality traits like highly inquisitive, detailed orientated, extremely analytical and very much an artist, it was a natural next step for her to venture on her own. Her love for proteas and it’s origin story is what lead to the special and humble beginnings of Proteus Capital.

The protea was named after the Greek god Proteus due to its strength, diversity and ultimately, its ability to grow in harsh conditions. Proteus Capital therefore stands for Perseverance, Trust and efficiency.

A trusted partner in all your financial planning and insurance needs

Our Philosophy

resonates deeply with the beautiful Protea

A properly diversified portfolio and exercising patience is paramount in protecting your hard-earned assets and yield long term growth – this has shown to win the race over time. To lose patience is to lose the battle. We also believe in offering true unbiased solutions to each individual. There is no “one shoe fits all” approach.

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