Trusted Partners

Partnering with industry leaders

At Proteus Capital we believe in partnering with industry leaders to ensure our clients are not just taken care of with regards to unbiased advice, but that the solutions and products offered are relevant, up to date and cost effective. As an Independent Financial Services Provider we take our partners and their values very seriously and expect their values to mirror ours.

With ongoing due diligence of each company we partner with, our clients can rest assured that their portfolios are with companies that are well known, compliant and licensed. With increasing regulations governing our industry, it is imperative that our chosen partners are as serious about the latest regulations and compliance expected from our industry. Treating our Customers Fairly thus extends to the companies we partner with.

Our Promise

A mutually beneficial relationship

We fiercely protect our independence at all cost to ensure our valued clients can always expect to receive advice that is completely independent and un-biased. We believe that in order to truly receive proper independent advice, an advisory company cannot be tied or multi-tied to any one provider.

Treating Customers fairly in our view is being able to truly offer options and plans that have been tailor made for each individual or family based on their needs and not on what products advisors are able to sell. Our promise it to always keep our independence for as long as it is possible.

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